Kyoto/Osaka, Tuesday September 25th, 2018

1. Kyoto We started the day in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, where we had been stationed during this portion of our Japanese baseball tour. Having arrived at the tail end of the monsoon season, the weather was generally warm and humid, with periodic sunshine and showers. These conditions made being outside tricky, butContinue reading “Kyoto/Osaka, Tuesday September 25th, 2018”

Tokorozawa, Monday April 2, 2019

Our first stop on the 2019 Japanese baseball tour was Tokorozawa, on the northwest outskirts of Tokyo. Slated for an 1800 start, the Saitama Seibu Lions hosted the Chiba Lotte Marines at the MetLife Dome. The game marked the beginning of the season for both teams. After a cool day in Tokyo, temperatures were alreadyContinue reading “Tokorozawa, Monday April 2, 2019”

Seeing Baseball Games in Japan – Part 3: Going to the games

Going to a baseball game in Japan is much like going to a game in the US. However, being in a place where we could not speak or read the language did pose some issues not experienced here. Below are a few of the things we learned going to Japanese baseball games. 1. Getting toContinue reading “Seeing Baseball Games in Japan – Part 3: Going to the games”