Houston, Texas Saturday September 13th 2003

1. New Jersey to Houston Our last baseball trip of 2003 took us to the Lone Star State at the tail end of summer. Since our first stop in Texas was Houston, we flew from Newark, NJ to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Saturday morning. Because it was a Saturday, we breezed through securityContinue reading “Houston, Texas Saturday September 13th 2003”

St Louis MO, Saturday August 7th 2004

1 Newark NJ to St Louis MO Our first baseball trip of 2004 took us to Missouri, the Show Me state, to see games in St Louis and Kansas City. Since this was planned as a weekend trip, there was insufficient time to drive from NJ to MO, we chose to fly. In order toContinue reading “St Louis MO, Saturday August 7th 2004”

Indianapolis/St Louis, August 12 2017

Our next game on this mini baseball tour was St Louis, where the Cardinals hosted the Braves at 600 pm on Saturday, August 12th. Google Maps indicated that the trip from Indianapolis to St Louis would take about three and one-half hours (not counting time to be built into the trip to explore the newContinue reading “Indianapolis/St Louis, August 12 2017”

Collinsville, IL/St. Louis August 13th, 2017

On the way to the hotel Saturday afternoon, I noticed a sign for the Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville, Illinois. Years before, I’d read about the mounds in the book 1491, which described a thriving community in the region 1000 years ago. Since we had time before the 100 pm game in St Louis, this seemedContinue reading “Collinsville, IL/St. Louis August 13th, 2017”