Cleveland OH/Pittsburgh PA, Saturday May 20, 2000

Our only baseball trip of 2000 took us to western PA and northeast OH in late May. Since the trip by car was in excess of five hours from central NJ, we drove out to northeast OH on Friday, May 19th, staying just outside of Cleveland for the night. Saturday, May 20th dawned cloudy andContinue reading “Cleveland OH/Pittsburgh PA, Saturday May 20, 2000”

Montreal Quebec, Sunday July 15th 2001

1. Shea Stadium (Queens NY) to Plattsburgh NY After seeing a Saturday afternoon game at Shea Stadium (where the Mets beat the Boston Red Sox), we headed toward Montreal, Quebec, where we would see a game between the Expos and the Red Sox at Olympic Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Weaving our way through New YorkContinue reading “Montreal Quebec, Sunday July 15th 2001”

San Francisco, CA Sunday September 8th 2002

While on vacation in San Francisco, my brother and I took in a Sunday afternoon baseball game at Pac Bell Park (now known as Oracle Park), where the Giants hosted the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks. From our hotel near Union Square, we decided to walk to Pac Bell Park, since the weather was crystal clear withContinue reading “San Francisco, CA Sunday September 8th 2002”

Chicago, Sunday May 4th 2003

During our overnight stay in Chicago, low clouds and fog descended from Lake Michigan onto the North Side. We awoke to a steady easterly wind and drizzle, with temperatures in the 40s. Following breakfast near the hotel, we headed out to Wrigley Field. Arriving just as the gates opened, we once again overpaid for parkingContinue reading “Chicago, Sunday May 4th 2003”

Chicago, Saturday May 3rd 2003

1. New Jersey to Chicago Our first baseball trip of 2003 took us to Chicago to see the Cubs and the White Sox. Originally we scheduled a trip to see the Cubs in September of 2001, but circumstances made that impossible. Since we decided to make this a weekend trip, we flew from New JerseyContinue reading “Chicago, Saturday May 3rd 2003”

Arlington, Texas Sunday September 14th 2003

Checking out of our motel Sunday morning, we still had a two hour plus drive to Arlington. We were not in a particular hurry, since the game between the hometown Texas Rangers and the visiting Oakland A’s had been “flexed” from early afternoon to early evening to accommodate ESPN’s Sunday Night game. Instead of aContinue reading “Arlington, Texas Sunday September 14th 2003”

Houston, Texas Saturday September 13th 2003

1. New Jersey to Houston Our last baseball trip of 2003 took us to the Lone Star State at the tail end of summer. Since our first stop in Texas was Houston, we flew from Newark, NJ to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Saturday morning. Because it was a Saturday, we breezed through securityContinue reading “Houston, Texas Saturday September 13th 2003”

Kansas City, MO, Sunday August 8th 2004

1. Kansas City, Missouri After breakfast near the hotel in Kansas City, Kansas, we decided to explore downtown Kansas City, Missouri. High cloudiness started to filter the strong early August sunshine, and even though it was still early, we were seeing all the hallmarks of a hot and humid day in the heartland of America.Continue reading “Kansas City, MO, Sunday August 8th 2004”

St Louis MO, Saturday August 7th 2004

1 Newark NJ to St Louis MO Our first baseball trip of 2004 took us to Missouri, the Show Me state, to see games in St Louis and Kansas City. Since this was planned as a weekend trip, there was insufficient time to drive from NJ to MO, we chose to fly. In order toContinue reading “St Louis MO, Saturday August 7th 2004”

Cincinnati, Ohio Sunday September 19th 2004

Wall to wall sunshine awaited us as we ventured from the hotel (following breakfast) and headed toward the Great American Ballpark. With some time before the first pitch of the (scheduled for 115 pm), we found parking near the stadium, and walked the pavilion along the mighty Ohio River. It was clearly evident that theContinue reading “Cincinnati, Ohio Sunday September 19th 2004”