Fenway Park, Boston MA

First visit: Sunday April 18th 1999 Most recent visit: Sunday May 24th 2009 Our first visit to this baseball cathedral came in April 1999. We did not arrive together; my brother came up to Boston with some friends, and I traveled south from Yarmouth ME (just northeast of Portland). For me, the trip took aboutContinue reading “Fenway Park, Boston MA”

Shea Stadium/Citi Field Queens, New York

Shea Stadium (1982-2008) First visit: Sunday August 15th 1982 Last visit: Thursday September 25th 2008 For much of my life as a baseball fan, the New York Mets (my favorite squadron) were bad or awful, and 1982 was no exception. Though I was a lifelong Mets fan, I had not been to the venerable SheaContinue reading “Shea Stadium/Citi Field Queens, New York”